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First of all, thank you for your visit to our website and we believe we can help you find out a healthiest way of life that you are looking for.
We are a group of partners who decided to share with you their knowledge, their experiences, their love for proper and balanced nutrition.
The right, balanced nutrition fuels our daily activities, gives good health, longevity, keeps us in good shape.
We are here to help you discover a new and healthy lifestyle

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Special Diets

1. The Total-Body Makeover Diet

The #1 trend diet right now in the field of nutrition.

  • A plan that lasts as many days as you wish based on foods from the earth (vegetables, legumes, nuts), spices and fish.
  • Framed by detoxification techniques, you reach your goal and change the level of your appearance and your health!
  • Ideal for vegetarians
  • Daily online support is provided throughout your endeavor.
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2. Express Fatburning Diet

Plan based on simple classic everyday foods that we find everywhere so that we don’t spend time in the kitchen and their preparation.

Targeted weight loss in 17 days. Very active fat loss from the places where there is intense retention from the 1st 24 hours!! Daily online guidance is provided throughout your endeavor.

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3.Extreme Diet

This Meal Plan lasts 16 days.

It is strict but very effective. The metabolic change is so profound that at the end of the Plan you can return to a compatible nutrition without regaining the lost pounds.

If you faithfully follow the Plan with our guidance you will lose all the fat and pounds that have accumulated and you will reach your goal whatever it is…. Its structure is such that it helps even women who suffer from menopausal pounds.

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4. Weight & Fat Control Plan

flat belly, streak.

Plan simple and pleasant with options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Rich in lean proteins, fruits, vegetables and good fats. No nutritional supplements.

You reach your goal, whatever it is… in 15 days! Weight & fat control from the first 24 hours! Visible reduction of cellulite.

Daily online support is provided throughout your endeavor.

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5. Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is one of the most popular trends in the health and fitness community today. Many studies show that intermittent fasting has powerful effects on the body and brain. It is a diet that cycles between eating and fasting periods. It is actually a nutritional model and not a conventional diet.

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6.Slim Fast!

(Fast weight control, fat burning)

This specific plan controls weight, rids the body of toxins quickly and easily.

Healthy and balanced plan, rich in all necessary nutrients. No nutritional supplements.

With faithful follow-up you reach your goal, whatever it may be…in 12 days.
Results from the first 24 hours!

Daily online support is provided throughout your endeavor.

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7. Detox plan

(weight control, hydration)

Do you feel like you’ve been overdoing it lately? Do you have a constant swelling? With this plan you will control your weight and reach your goal in 9 days! You will give your body the detoxification and hydration it needs.

Easy and convenient nutrition plan.

Daily online support is provided throughout your endeavor.

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8. Special 9days plan

Power Diet (High Protein – Low Carbs)

This particular Meal Plan in 9 days achieves very drastic weight loss and high fat loss! Its success is based on its high protein and low carbohydrate content. With hearty and easy-to-prepare meals, you can see your progress both in weight loss and in toning your body very immediately, since the tonicity of the muscle tissue is maintained and strengthened.

Daily online support is provided throughout your endeavor.

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9. Super Special 3days Diet

Last minute diet

High-results 3-day Diet Plan based on quality combinations of simple, classic everyday foods enhanced with protein and reduced carbohydrates. Meals with few calories, quality, filling and fat-burning!

Daily online guidance is provided throughout your endeavor.

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10. Super Detox 3days Plan

3-day active detoxification plan

3-day active detoxification plan with the aim of deflating, swelling, tightening the body parts where intense retention is found, especially the abdomen and circumference.

Daily online guidance is provided throughout your endeavor.

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11. Protein Diet 6 Weeks With & Without Carbs

6-week nutrition plan

6-week nutritional plan with high protein content and alternating easily absorbable carbohydrates for higher weight and fat control results visible within the first days.

Healthy and balanced plan rich in all nutrients.

Daily online guidance is provided throughout your endeavor

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12. How will I control my weight in 1 month?

Do you want to control your weight and activate your metabolism at the same time?

With the monthly nutritional plan, you control your weight in a healthy and nutritious way, without depriving yourself. Recipes with few calories, filling but at the same time fat burning!

Daily online support is provided throughout your endeavor.

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13. Gain Weight Healthy & Fast

Rich & healthy nutrition plan for you who want to increase your weight.

Boost metabolism with lean protein foods and tasty, healthy, high-calorie snacks. You can see the difference from the first week!

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14. Sports Nutrition - Toning - Tightening

If you work out and don’t see the difference you want, then choose the specific diet plan.

With this diet, the abdomen is toned, fat loss, increased stamina and energy are achieved.

Useful tips for muscle recovery.

Online support is provided throughout your endeavor.

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    Guaranteed Results
    Maria Olga K.
    lost 7kg in 12 days

    Thanks a lot for the help. Although difficult in the summer to resist the temptations. Unique result!!!

    Kostas L.
    lost 7kg in 2 months

    As we come to the end of the first diet phase I really wanted to thank you for your help. You are very good at your job, well done!

    Hermione M.
    lost 8kg in 1 week

    Today I start the 2nd week of the diet, -8kg and 25 points less, I feel perfect, you can see the difference in my clothes and my body.

    Vasiliki Th.
    lost 11kg in 15 days

    I am very happy. In 15 days a total reduction of 11 kg despite hormone therapy.

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